Senior & Middle Level Recruitment

Senior and Mid-level hiring refers to the process of recruiting executives with adequate experience in the relevant industry. Although there is never a lack of candidates in the recruitment industry, it is certainly challenging and difficult to have candidature with the right skill-set and suitable experience. Usually, companies prefer executives on the senior or middle-level positions to fit in their organizational structure and provide them with growth options. Recruitment is easier when it comes to the fresh talent pool which less work experience, but it gets trickier with experienced executives as they keep a check on various factors to process for a job-switch. The senior and mid-level executives are thus considered as the passive pool. Recruitment agencies are, therefore, preferred to dive deeper and bring out the pearls from the ocean of candidates. 

When it comes to job-switch, the parameters that candidates at the Senior or Mid-level position of an organization follow are: 

Quality Job 

How the job role will be helpful in career-building 

Will the job role match their interests and aspirations

Higher Salary Packages 

Organizations better and bigger than the recent ones 

Although there are pretty good chances for a candidate of senior or mid-level profile to grab the desired job role, it is not always a smooth sea. These tips can surely help someone who is planning a job change to achieve the goal swiftly: 

1. The Right Networking 

2. Keep updating your profiles on the job portals like, Monster, etc

3. Make relevant changes in your CV according to the job role you are applying 

4. Reconnect with recruiters who have contacted you previously

5. Ask for recommendations and references from your seniors/colleagues/associates. 

6. Get in touch with the best career experts and consult thoroughly

One must be very clear about the ambitions and career objectives when it comes to taking up a new role. The types of senior and mid-level job roles that companies provide are as such: 




Project Managers 

Creative Heads 

Assistant Manager 

Associate Manager 

Team Lead