Recruitment Process Outsourcing RPO

In the current trend of collaborations and outsourcing, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is not a new thing altogether. RPO refers to the process in which companies give out their recruitment project to a hiring expert agency, on a whole or maybe a part of it. 

While the recruitment process seems easy, in actual it takes real tricks and contingent management to hire the perfect candidates from the extensive talent pool. An RPO resolves the recruitment challenges through smart talent acquisition techniques and makes the recruitment process fluent. Recruitment Process Outsourcing is majorly looked out when the companies are seeking a huge expansion in terms of manpower. RPO’s basically helps in providing the niche profiles that are perfectly apt with the job roles.

RPO can be a company that fully takes over the hiring drives or it can be just an extension of HR. The major areas around which the staffing agencies in India workaround are as such: 

1. Candidate Management 

2. Contingent Management 

3. Connections with Educational Firms 

4. Managing a Talent Pool 

5. Employer Demand Management 

6. HR services 

7. Optimizing Workforce 

8. Talent Acquisition 

9. Effective and Planned Sourcing 

The models that an RPO firm works around depend on the need of the employer. An RPO can be part of the recruitment drive (where members of the team sit together with the HR team in the process), or it can be handling the particular section of hiring (for eg, production department hiring), or it can fully take over the hiring process of the organization. 

Another type of work model that RPO revolves around is all-time employee management. Here, the RPO keeps recommending a high-quality talent pool to the company and thus saving the last minute hassle. 


On a usual level, every recruitment company charges from 5-10% of the salary to 30-40% of the salary, this is comparatively profitable in comparison to taking up the services of any contingency firm or even managing the recruitments internally.

The benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing can’t be quantified. The need for easy-going operations and a quick hiring process had given birth to an RPO. Some benefits are as such: 

1. Quick Hiring in Designated Timing 

2. Reduction of Cost per Hire 

3. Improved Talent Pool Quality 

4. End to End management of Hiring Process 

5. Recruitment by the Experts