Financial Services

The financial services sector in India is one of the fastest-growing in the world. The industry mostly revolves around banking transactions, helping customers make investments, loaning money to businesses and people, share trading, etc. It is a very essential industry without which society cannot function, especially in today's world of consumerism. People rely on their banks to provide them with the cash required to function in today's society, mutual funds and share market consultants to handle their investments, insurance companies to ensure their lives, property, and most recently they rely on payment banks to make their instant payments instead of using cash. 

The industry involves commercial banks, Insurance companies, mutual funds providers, etc. It is a 376.63 billion dollar industry. According to recent studies, it is bound to grow even more because of government initiatives that support the sector. The rate at which this sector is growing especially with new elements like payment banks like Paytm etc being added to the mix calls for trained professionals with appropriate skill sets being recruited into the company. Some of the notable names that are part of this sector in India are Bajaj Finance, HDFC, LIC housing, L&T financial holdings, etc. These companies are big names in India as well as around the world and only hire the best of the best in the industry. 

There are a lot of opportunities for getting hired into various profiles in the market right now. Some of the more prominent positions in this sector are:- 

1. Relationship Manager 

2. Finance manager 

3. Treasury manager

4. Data Analyst 

5. Sales Manager 

These are some of the more popular positions that people are looking for while working in the industry. The financial services mostly involve banking activities and insurance etc but they also look for data analysts, tech support and other personnel to work in their other departments. The growth of the online payment sector also asks for coders to be hired to maintain the servers that help this sector function. The growth of Paytm can be used to examine the changes in the industry, especially when the government also supported it with the go cashless initiative. 

The industry has great opportunities in terms of recruitment as it requires manpower with a vast set of skills.