BPO & KPO Recruitment

Business Process Outsourcing popularly known as BPO is a business, which never runs out of jobs irrespective of the market condition. The reason behind the success of the BPO industry is that it has the capability of uplifting other divisions of the business regardless of the financial health of the market. 

Now that we know the significance of the BPO’s, hiring trained, competent, skilled quality candidates becomes even more relevant. But like every other industry, BPO Service providers also struggle with recruitment due to the delusional nature of the industry. As we all know that industry evolves at a very fast pace, therefore, factors like changing business dynamics, the addition of new processes and sometimes automation can influence the hiring process to a large extent. Therefore nowadays organizations prefer to outsource their hiring process to external agencies. 

Siwa Searchers is one of the most renowned firms with 2 years of experience in the market. We help our clients to find out exceptional talents for all their business needs. BPO hiring being our forte, always tops to our list of services. We guarantee to present some brilliant profiles to serve your requirements. We cater end to end support to our customers, which means from shortlisting the candidates to onboarding every step is taken care of by our team members. Now, let’s have a look at our hiring methodology in detail:

1. We gather detailed requirements from the client regarding candidates' experience, skillset, and domain. 

2. We shortlist the most suitable candidates for the opportunity from our job pool.

3. We speak to the applicant and check for his/her interest in the job.

4. We forward all the shortlisted resumes to the respective company HR.

5. After confirmation from HR, we schedule an interview call between the two parties. 

6. We follow up with HR regarding the interview results.

7. If the results turn out to be positive, we inform the candidate.

8. We carry negotiations regarding salary and other terms on behalf of the organization.

9. After that, we verify all the documents for the candidature and forward it to the company.

10. We brief the candidate about the joining/onboarding details.

Apart from this, we also support additional services like background verification or criminal check for the applicant. For more details about our services, feel free to get in touch with us.