Is Recruitment in Pandemic Possible?

You must be wondering after reading the title that what are these two words Pandemic and Recruitment doing together. They definitely don’t seem to go hand in hand. In fact, they are like opposite ends of the spectrum. First of all, let’s get an overview of the current market situation. To begin with, the COVID -19 outbreak surfaced in China in December 2019. After a couple of months, it spread across almost all countries of the world, and in March 2020 it was declared as a pandemic by WHO. Ever since then, the life of every individual has changed to some extent. People were forced to stay back in their homes and not to step out in any situation. Few lucky ones had that opportunity to work from their homes using a desktop/laptop and the Internet. But a large section of the society was left unemployed simply because they couldn’t manage their work from home and others were laid off. 

Now fortunately when life is getting back to normal people are trying to find new jobs and opportunities for themselves. But the bitter truth is that this Pandemic has crashed the market and it may take a couple of months to years to get to its previous pace. Therefore the job seekers might face a lot of challenges on their way to find new jobs. 

Having said that, it is not impossible to find a job in these times. You just need to follow the process thoroughly. And most importantly, you need an impactful resume. A resume is your identity that immediately catches the attention of the recruiters. If it is written professionally it can increase your chances of getting shortlisted to many folds. 

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